Ezequiel Ferrero

ferreroPostdoctoral fellow

Department of Physics and
Center for Complexity & Biosystems.
Università degli Studi di Milano
Via Celoria 16
20133 Milano, Italy
email: ezeferrero_at_gmail.com
Personal web page


  • May 2013 – Dec 2016: Postdoc in Physics, Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Physique, Université Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble, France. Topic: Amorphous solids.
  • Aug 2012 – Nov 2012: Postdoc in Physics (sandwich), LPTMS, Université Paris Sud, Orsay, France. Topic: Driven elastic interfaces in random media.
  • Apr 2011 – Apr 2013: Postdoc in Physics, Solid State Theory group, Centro Atómico Bariloche, Argentina. Topic: Disordered Elastic Systems.
  • Feb 2011: Ph.D. in Physics, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina. Thesis: Relaxational dynamics of the q-state bidimensional Potts model.
  • Dec 2005: MS in Physics, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina.

Scientific visits

  • Oct-Nov 2014 KITP, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.


  • 2015 Best Poster Award, Programming and Tuning Massively Parallel Systems summer school (PUMPS), Barcelona, Spain.
  • 2013 Special Mention, Juan José Giambiagi Prize 2013 to the best PhD Thesis in Physics defended in Argentina.
  • 2012 Postdoctoral Fellowship, Bernardo Houssay Program, Université Paris Sud, Orsay, France.
  • 2004 Exchange Scholarship, ESCALA Program AUGM, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil.

Congress/schools/workshops Organization

  • 2016 Grenoble, France, Dynamical phase transitions in driven systems: contrasting depinning and yielding.
  • 2014 Grenoble, France, Driven Disordered Systems 2014.
  • 2011 Córdoba, Argentina, First Argentinean School on GPGPU Computing for Scientific Applications.

Published journal articles

  1. “Inertia and universality of avalanche statistics: The case of slowly deformed amorphous solids”.
    K. Karimi, E.E. Ferrero, J.-L. Barrat.
    Physical Review E, 95, 013003 (2017).
  2. . “Driving rate dependence of avalanche statistics and shapes at the yielding transition”.
    C. Liu, E.E. Ferrero, F. Puosi, J.-L. Barrat, K. Martens.
    Physical Review Letters, 116, 065501 (2016).
  3. “Edwards thermodynamics for a driven athermal system with dry friction”.
    G. Gradenigo, E.E. Ferrero, E. Bertin, J.-L. Barrat.
    Physical Review Letters, 115, 140601 (2015).
  4. “Relaxation in yield stress systems through elastically interacting activated events”.
    E.E. Ferrero, K. Martens, J.-L. Barrat.
    Physical Review Letters, 113, 248301 (2014).
  5. “Parallel kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of Coulomb glasses”.
    E.E. Ferrero, A.B. Kolton, M. Palassini.
    AIP Conference Proceedings, 1610, 71 (2014).
  6. “Uniqueness of the thermodynamic limit for driven disordered elastic interfaces”.
    A.B. Kolton, S. Bustingorry, E.E. Ferrero and A. Rosso.
    Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment (JSTAT), P12004 (2013).
  7. “Numerical Approaches on Driven Elastic Interfaces in Random Media”.
    E.E. Ferrero, S. Bustingorry, A.B. Kolton, A. Rosso.
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  8. “Non-steady relaxation and critical exponents at the depinning transition”.
    E.E. Ferrero, S. Bustingorry, A.B. Kolton.
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  9. “Dynamical heterogeneities as fingerprints of a backbone structure in Potts models”.
    E.E. Ferrero, F. Romá, S. Bustingorry, P.M. Gleiser.
    Physical Review E, 86, 031121 (2012).
  10. “q-state Potts model metastability study using optimized GPU-based Monte Carlo algorithms”.
    E.E. Ferrero, J.P. De Francesco, N.Wolovick and S.A. Cannas.
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  11. “Short-time dynamics of finite-size mean-field systems”.
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  12. “Non-equilibrium Characterization of Spinodal Points using Short Time Dynamics”.
    E.S. Loscar, E.E. Ferrero, T.S. Grigera and S.A. Cannas.
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  13. “Long-term ordering kinetics of the two-dimensional q-state Potts model”.
    E.E. Ferrero, S.A. Cannas.
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  14. “Phase separation of the Potts model in the square lattice”.
    M. Ibáñez de Berganza, E.E. Ferrero, S.A. Cannas, V. Loreto, A. Petri.
    The European Physical Journal: Special Topics, 143, 273 (2007).

Scientific Interests

  • Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena.
  • Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics.
  • Magnetic Systems. Complex systems. Disordered Elastic Systems.
  • Amorphous Solids. Soft Matter. Metamaterials.
  • Computational Physics. GPU Computing.
  • Machine Learning.