Stefano Zapperi

Ph. D. in Physics, Boston University, 1998
Laurea in Physics, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy, 1994

Professor of theoretical physics, University of Milano, Italy, 2015-present
Senior Researcher CNR-IENI, Milano, Italy, 2010-2015
Researcher CNR-INFM, S3, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Modena Italy, 2008-2009
Researcher CNR-INFM, Università di Roma “La Sapienza”, Roma, Italy 2000-2007
Postdoctoral fellow, ESPCI, Paris, France, 1998-1999
Research assistant, Boston University, USA, 1994-1997

Visiting positions and appointment:

Research Leader, ISI Fundation, Torino, Italy, 2007-present
Associated Researcher, CNR-IENI, Milano, Italy 2015
Finland Distinguished Professor, Aalto University, 2014
Visiting Professor, UPMC, Paris (07/2014)
Visiting Professor, Aalto University (07/2013)
Visiting researcher, Cornell University, USA (07/2009, 07/2010-08/2010,07/2011-08/2011)
Visiting researcher, Harvard University, USA (06/2008-08/2008)
Visiting Scholar, Boston College, USA, (06/2007-08/2007)
Visiting Professor, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland (09/2006)
Visiting Fellow, KITP, University of California Santa Barbara, USA (10/2005)
Visiting Professor, UFC, Fortaleza, Brazil (01/1998, 01/2000, 02/2002)

ERC Advanced Grant 2011, SIZEFFECT
Marie Curie Excellence Award, EU, 2004
Materials Research Society, Graduate Student Award 1997
Boston University, Goldhaber Award 1995

Cooridinator ERA-NET ComplexityNet Pilot Project, LOCAT, 500000€, 2011-2013
Coordinator of STREP prooject in the FP6-EU NEST Pathfinder initiative, TRIGS Triggering of instabilities in materials and geosystems, 1700000€ (2007-2009)
Grant for ESF- Exploratory Workshop on Crackling noise, 14000€ (2006)
Grant from ESF network SPHYNX for workshop on Depinning transition, 22000€ (2002)
Grant from Volkswagen for workshop on Statistical mechanics of plasticity, 20000€ (2001)
PAIS project, INFM, Hysteresis in disordered ferromagnets, 38000€ (2000-2002)

Graduate courses at Università di Roma “La Sapienza” (Italy) on: Theory of elasticity (2002,2003),
Physics of complex materials (2006) at Helsinki University of Technology (Finland) on Hysteresis (2002)
and Depinning transition (2006) at Federal University of Cearà (Brasil) on Hysteresis (2002).
Advisor of short Laurea degree: E. Distante 2007 (Univ. Milano)
Advisor of Laurea degree: V. Beato 2001, L. Dante 2001, M. Minozzi 2001, P. Moretti 2003 (Univ. of Rome)
of Ph. D thesis: L. Dante 2001-2003, B. Cerruti 2004-2006, F. Leoni 2006-2008 (Univ. of Rome); C. Manzato 2008- (Univ. of Modena).
of Post-doctoral fellows: F. Colaiori (2002-2003), A. Baldassarri (2003-2004), V. Beato (2006-2008) F. Dalton (2007-2008),
A. Mughal (2008-2009),  R. Capozza (2008-2009) L. Laurson (2009-2010).
Member of Ph. D. committees (Universities of Grenoble, Bordeaux, Edinburgh, Fortaleza).

Conference organization:
Symposium on Statistical methods for materials deformation and failure, in the 4th International Conference “Multiscale Material Modeling 2008”, Talahassee, USA, 27-31 October 2008 (with M. J. Alava, I. Groma, M.-C. Miguel).
XII IUPAP International Conference on Statistical Physics, STATPHYS 23, Genova, 9-13 July 2007 (Conference Secretary)
Symposium on Statistical approaches to irreversible deformation and failure of materials, in the 3rd International Conference “Multiscale Material Modeling 2006″, Freiburg, D, 18-22 September 2006 (with M. J. Alava, H. J. Herrmann, M. Zaiser).
ESF Exploratory Workshop on Crackling Noise, IEN, Torino 24-27 May 2006 (with G. Durin).
Nordita-SPHYNX workshop on Depinning transitions in disordered media: theory and applications, Nordita, Copenhagen DK, 22-24 April 2004 (with M. J. Alava).
Research Workshop on Statistical Mechanics of Plastic Deformation, ICTP, Trieste 4-7 March 2002 (with E. Aifantis, A. El Azab, P. Haener, H. Neuhauser, A. Vespignani).
Workshop on Statistical aspects of hysteresis, Roma, 4-6 April 2002 (with G. Durin).
Member of the scientific advisory committee of
Unsolved Problems on Noise, UPON2008 (June 2008, France);
XIX Sitges Conference on Statistical Mechanics (June 2004, Spain);
Int. Conf. on Statistical Mechanics and Plastitcity and Related Instabilitis Bangalore, (September 2005, India).

Invited talks:
Invited presentations at 23 international conferences and workshops (in the fields of Statistical Physics, Fracture, Plasticity, Magnetism and Superconductivity), 5 national conferences, more than 40 universities and research institutions in Europe, USA and Brazil.

Author of 1 book chapter, 3 review articles (1 in Advances in Physics) 126 papers in international refereed journals (ISI), including 3 in Nature, 3 in Science, 2 in Nature Physics, 1 in Nature Materials, 1 in PNAS, 25 in Phys. Rev. Lett., 18 Phys. Rev. E, 12 Phys. Rev. B; and 10 additional papers in conference proceedings.

Editorial Activity:
Member of the editorial board of Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiments 2004-2010
Guest editor for European Physics Journal B, for the proceedings of Statphys 23 2007-2008.